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Downloading data from a visualization

You can download data from a visualization and save it as an .xlsx file.

For the number of row and column limitations of an Excel export file, see ExportData method.

  1. Right-click the visualization that you want to download data from.

  2. Select Download as... and Data.

  3. Click the link to download the data file.

  4. Open or save the file.

Tip noteIn filter panes with more than one dimension, you can either select all dimensions or a single dimension.
Warning noteWhen exporting data, empty column names in a table will cause a corrupted data error. To avoid this error, always add a name to a column.

Downloading data from a table

In the Data export settings dialog you can select to have enhanced table formatting applied to your export, including styling and row totals. Enhanced table formatting cannot be applied to pivot table exports.

This export is performed by the browser, and therefore may require more time to complete, especially for large data sets.

Styling is applied to the data with a few exceptions:

  • Download to Excel with enhanced table formatting works for tables with maximum 2,097,152 cells.

  • Download to Excel with enhanced table formatting is not supported via the API.

  • Images in table cells are not included.

  • Mini charts in table cells are not included.

  • Indicators in table cells are not included.

  • The following number formatting modes are not supported:

    • Auto

    • Duration

    • Custom

  • Locale is not supported in some cases. For example, Excel uses delimiters defined on the local PC, and these cannot be overridden.

  • If specific alignment is set for a column, the title will inherit this in the downloaded Excel export file.

  • Dual fields that have both qText and qNum with no formatting are exported as number.

  • Starting date in Qlik Sense and Excel differs.

  • Right-to-left (RTL) text is not included in the download.

  • Opacity for cell fill color is not included in the download.

  • Color defined through CSS classes in custom themes is not included in the download.

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