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Financial functions

Financial functions can be used in the data load script and in chart expressions to calculate payments and interest rates.

For all the arguments, cash that is paid out is represented by negative numbers. Cash received is represented by positive numbers.

Listed here are the arguments that are used in the financial functions (excepting the ones beginning with range-).

Information note For all financial functions it is vital that you are consistent when specifying units for rate and nper. If monthly payments are made on a five-year loan at 6% annual interest, use 0.005 (6%/12) for rate and 60 (5*12) for nper. If annual payments are made on the same loan, use 6% for rate and 5 for nper.

Use the drop-down on each function to see a brief description and the syntax of each function. Click the function name in the syntax description for further details.

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