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Virtual Proxy: Create

Information noteLOCKED.

This API is extremely reliable and will not be broken unless absolutely necessary.






Create and configure a virtual proxy. The following example shows only a basic configuration. The prefix and sessionCookieHeaderName must be unique for each virtual proxy. Properties that are not configured will be set to system defaults.

Information noteA virtual proxy must be linked to a proxy service before the virtual proxy is available for use. See: Virtual Proxy: Link.


{ "prefix": "hdr", "description": "Test proxy", "sessionCookieHeaderName": "X-Qlik-Session-hdr" }

Return value

{ "id": "d4b844ba-66cc-4a38-aa6c-8d0516641bc2", "createdDate": "2017-02-22T18:09:51.896Z", "modifiedDate": "2017-02-22T18:09:51.896Z", "modifiedByUserName": "INTERNAL\\sa_repository", "customProperties": [], "prefix": "hdr", "description": "Test proxy", "authenticationModuleRedirectUri": "", "sessionModuleBaseUri": "", "loadBalancingModuleBaseUri": "", "loadBalancingServerNodes": [], "authenticationMethod": 0, "headerAuthenticationMode": 0, "headerAuthenticationHeaderName": "", "headerAuthenticationStaticUserDirectory": "", "headerAuthenticationDynamicUserDirectory": "", "anonymousAccessMode": 0, "windowsAuthenticationEnabledDevicePattern": "Windows", "sessionCookieHeaderName": "X-Qlik-Session-hdr", "sessionCookieDomain": "", "additionalResponseHeaders": "", "sessionInactivityTimeout": 30, "extendedSecurityEnvironment": false, "websocketCrossOriginWhiteList": [], "defaultVirtualProxy": false, "tags": [], "samlMetadataIdP": "", "samlHostUri": "", "samlEntityId": "", "samlAttributeUserId": "", "samlAttributeUserDirectory": "", "samlAttributeSigningAlgorithm": 0, "samlAttributeMap": [], "jwtAttributeUserId": "", "jwtAttributeUserDirectory": "", "jwtPublicKeyCertificate": "", "jwtAttributeMap": [], "magicLinkHostUri": "", "magicLinkFriendlyName": "", "privileges": null, "impactSecurityAccess": false, "schemaPath": "VirtualProxyConfig" }

Optional parameters


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