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Methods and IDs

Every entity in the repository database is identified by an ID, which is formatted as a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID).

The following table describes how the IDs are used in different methods in the general purpose paths.

Working with entities

Uses of IDs by method
Method How to use the ID in the body Return value

Get all entities: No ID is needed.

Get a specific entity: Provide an existing ID.

Get all entities: Zero or more entities are returned.

Get a specific entity: The specified entity is returned.


Get a new ID: Provide an empty ID or no ID at all.

Use an existing ID: Provide a non-empty ID.

Get a new ID: A new ID is created for the entity by the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS) and returned.

Use an existing ID: The provided ID is used as identity for the entity and returned (unless the provided ID is already in use).

PUT Provide an existing ID. The updated entity is returned.
DELETE Provide an existing ID. No value is returned.

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