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Using the QlikView converter to create a Qlik Sense app

You can use the QlikView converter tool with Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Sense Desktop to support you in converting QlikView documents (QVW files) to Qlik Sense apps.

You will need to analyze your QlikView documents and prepare them for conversion. The amount of work you have to do depends on the complexity of the QlikView documents you want to convert, and the type of objects they contain. You then generate the basic Qlik Sense app, and set up the sheets and visualizations you require.

If you have already analyzed and prepared your QlikView document, you can go straight to the section on how to create the app.

Creating the Qlik Sense app

When to use the converter tool

You can use this tool on any QlikView document but bear in mind that not all aspects can be converted due to the differences between QlikView and Qlik Sense. Therefore, it is recommended that you assess each document before converting it. For example, consider to what extent each of your QlikView documents is being used or providing value to your business.

Here are some common business questions to help you assess converting your QlikView document:

  • Do you want to take advantage of Qlik Sense features that are not available in QlikView? Would this benefit a high proportion of the users of the QlikView document?
  • How complex are the elements of the QlikView document you want to retain? Basic QlikView objects, such as dimensions and basic visualizations, are easier to recreate in the converted app. Complex elements may be harder.
  • How stable is the QlikView document? If it is under development, do you want to continue that development in Qlik Sense?
  • Do you want to maintain both the QlikView document and the equivalent Qlik Sense app for a period of time to ensure business continuity?


To use the converter tool, make sure your system and setup conform to the following requirements:

  • Qlik Sense Desktop or Qlik Sense Enterprise, version 3.2 or later.
  • The QlikView document that you want to convert was created in QlikView 11.20 or later. You do not require QlikView to convert the QVW file.
  • The maximum size of QlikView document you can convert using the converter tool is 500 MB.
  • In Qlik Sense Enterprise, access rights to be able to create apps.

  • In Qlik Sense, access rights to recreate the data connections that were required for the data in the original QlikView app.


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