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Default administration roles

The QMC is delivered with a set of predefined administration roles. Each role is associated with security rules tailored for specific purposes. The RootAdmin is created on installation. This role is automatically assigned to the user who provided the first valid license key to the QMC. The RootAdmin has full access rights to all Qlik Sense resources.

The Administration rights table displays an overview of the default QMC administrator roles, which parts of the QMC they can manage, and what administration rights they have. A HubAdmin cannot manage any areas of the QMC. This role has administration rights only in the hub. For more information see HubAdmin .

Tip note As RootAdmin or SecurityAdmin you have the possibility to create new roles to suit your purposes.
Information noteFor some useful tips regarding how to work with the QMC, see QMC performance – best practices.

Administration rights

The Legend describes the actions presented in this table.

Administration rights
QMC resource AuditAdmin ContentAdmin DeploymentAdmin HubAdmin SecurityAdmin
Stream_* R CRUDPO R (Monitoring apps stream) - CRUDPO
App.Object* R CRUDPO R (Monitoring apps) - CRUDPO
DataConnection_* R CRUDO - - CRUDO
Extension_* R CRUDO R - R
ContentLibrary_* R CRUDO R - CRUDO
ContentCacheControl_* - R - - R
UserDirectoryConnector* R CRUD CRUD - CRUD
ServerNodeConfiguration_* R - CRUD - R
Engine* R - CRUD - -
Proxy* R - CRUD - CRUD
VirtualProxy* R - CRUD - CRUD
Repository* R - CRUD - -
Scheduler* R - CRUD - -
ReloadTask_* R CRUD CRUD CRU -
UserSyncTask_* R CRUD CRUD - CRUD
SchemaEvent_* R CRUD CRUD CRU -
CompositeEvent_* R CRUD CRUD - -
SystemRule_* R CRUD CRUD - CRUD
CustomProperty* R CRUD CRUD - CRUD
License_* R R CRUD - R
FileExtension R CRD - - CRD
FileExtensionWhiteList R RU - - RU
AnalyticConnection_* R CRUD R - CRUD
TermsAcceptance_* R R CRUD - R
ServiceStatus_* R - CRUD - R
ServiceCluster R - CRUD - -
LoadBalancingSelectList R - R - -
CustomBannerMessage_* - R CRUD - CRUDEPOLM
*(All in Audit view) R - - - -


The following table presents the actions that are available for administrators.

Action Description
C: Create Create resource
R: Read Read resource
U: Update Update resource
D: Delete Delete resource
E: Export Export an app
A: Export data Export app data
P: Publish Publish a resource to a stream
O: Change owner Change the owner of a resource
L: Change role Change the role of a user
B: Load balancing Balance load for nodes and virtual proxies
M: Access offline Access apps offline

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