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Configuring Qlik Insight Advisor Chat in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

Qlik Insight Advisor Chat is a chat-based interface that lets you ask questions using natural language to discover insights in your data. It is available in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, and you can integrate Qlik Insight Advisor Chat to third-party tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams so users can get insights from their Qlik Sense apps directly in their communication platform.

Information noteYou must have a valid Qlik product license that includes a subscription to Qlik Insight Advisor Chat. For more information about your product license, contact your site administrator.
Information noteTo include Qlik Sense apps in Qlik Insight Advisor Chat, see Making apps available in Insight Advisor Chat. Once you enable apps be to included, see Exploring apps with conversational analytics for information on how to use Qlik Insight Advisor Chat from the Qlik Sense hub.

Creating access control for Qlik Insight Advisor Chat

The Qlik Sense admin user can limit access to Qlik Insight Advisor Chat by creating security rules in the QMC.

Information noteThe security rules only apply to user and group access in the Qlik Sense hub. Access through third-party communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Team is not affected by security rules in the QMC.
  1. Open the QMC: https://<QPS server name>/qmc

  2. Select Security rules on the QMC start page or from the Start Arrow down drop-down menu.
  3. Click Create newCreate new in the action bar.

    A split page is displayed, with the editing pane to the left (with all the properties) and the audit page to the right.

  4. Under Identification, give the rule a name and a description.

  5. Under Basic, enter the following resource filter: IAChat_* and select Read as the action.

    • To provide access for all named users, enter a condition ( (!="") ).

    • To restrict access to a specific user named user1, enter a condition ( (user.userId="user1") ).

  6. Under Advanced, click Validate rule to verify that the rule is set up correctly.

Information noteThe rule should be applied when you refresh your browser. The root admin always has access to Qlik Insight Advisor Chat.

To learn more about designing access control and security rules in the QMC, see Creating security rules.

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