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Exporting certificates through the QMC

If you want to add a third-party tool to your Qlik Sense installation, you need to export the certificates.

You can use the exported certificates to do the following:

  • Use external modules, such as authentication, session, and load balancing.
  • Move the certificates manually to a node, instead of using the QMC functionality when creating a new node.
Information noteExport of certificates from the QMC is not intended for backing up and restoring a site. For that purpose, we suggest using Repository Snapshot Manager or Microsoft Management Console.
  1. Open the QMC: https://<QPS server name>/qmc

  2. Select Certificates on the QMC start page or from the Arrow down menu.

    The Export page for Certificates is displayed.

  3. In the Machine name box, type the full computer name of the computer that you are creating the certificates for: or the IP address.

    Information noteThere is support for using an IPv6 address as host name.

    You can export certificates for more than one computer. Click Create newAdd machine name to add a new box. You cannot add the same computer name more than once. Click Cancel to delete a box.

  4. Using a password is optional. If you choose to use a password, the same password applies to exported client and server certificates.

    Information note The root certificate is exported without a private key due to security reasons.
    1. Type a password in the Certificate password box.
    2. Repeat the password in the Retype password box.

      The passwords must match.

  5. Select Include secret key if you want to add a secret key to the public key.

    Information noteThe secret key must be included if you are exporting certificates for a new node. The secret key is used to decrypt entries such as passwords on the new node. These entries are in the database.
  6. Select file format in the Export file format for certificates drop-down list.

    The Windows format is .pfx.

  7. Click Export certificates in the action bar.

    The export of certificates is initiated and Exporting certificates is displayed.

    When the export is finished, the dialog Certificates exported is displayed.

    Certificates will be exported to this disk location displays the target directory where one folder for each computer is added. In every folder the following certificates are created: client.pfx, root.cer, server.pfx. If the export fails, the dialog displays Certificates export could not complete.

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