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Cloud Deployments

In the Cloud Deployments folder, you can add and configure cloud deployments you want to connect to QlikView Server.

Information noteWith the release of QlikView April 2020, publishing links to a Qlik Sense cloud hub will no longer be available with QlikView April 2019.

Cloud Deployments

The Cloud Deployments tab lists all cloud deployments connected with your QlikView Server installation.


To add a new cloud deployment, click on the Add icon, Add, to the right in the pane, and enter the URL in the new text box. The new entry will be available in the tree view in the left pane.



To configure a cloud deployment entry, click on the Edit icon, Edit, or click on the entry in the tree view. This opens the Summary tab for the selected cloud deployment.


To entirely remove a configured entry from the list, click on the Delete icon,Delete.


Select Apply to confirm the change.


Select Cancel to revert the change.


In the Summary tab you can see the URL of the selected cloud deployment.


In the General tab you configure the details for connecting the cloud deployment to QlikView Server.


Deployment name

The name of the cloud deployment.

API endpoint

The address to the cloud hub for the cloud deployment.


Enter server and port details to distribute to cloud via proxy.


IP address of proxy server.


Port used to communicate with the proxy server.

QlikView Web Server

Web Server

A drop-down menu lists all the QlikView Web Servers available in your deployment.

Distribution Settings

Disable distribution of links

Select this option if you want to disable the distribution of QlikView documents' links to the cloud deployment.

Issuer configuration

Qlik Cloud Services format

Select this option if you want to generate the local barer token (configuration) in Qlik Cloud format. If unselected, the token is generated as a text file.

Generate configuration

Click this button to trigger the configuration of the local barer token.

Copy to clipboard

Click this button to copy the local barer token text in the clipboard.


Select Apply to confirm the change.


Select Cancel to revert the change.


In the Test tab you test the connection to the selected cloud deployment.

Test Cloud Connection

Select QDS Cluster to test

A drop-down menu that lists all the QlikView QDS clusters available in your deployment.


Click this button to test the connection to the selected cloud deployment.

The following is tested:

  • Create authentication token: checks the communication via authentication token.

  • Connect to Cloud API: checks communication with the cloud deployment API.

  • License: checks if cloud deployment license contains the following tag: QV_nodes>=1.

  • Precondition connect to TCS: checks if TCS service communication is authorized.

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