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IPv6 configurations

QlikView supports the Internet Protocol IPv6, as well as dual stack IPv6-IPv4 configurations.

IPv6 configuration for QlikView Server service (QVS)

You can customize the IPv6 settings to adapt your QlikView Server deployment to different network configurations. To customize the IPv6 configurations for QlikView Server service (QVS), open the Settings.ini file and add the following parameters.

Description of IPv6 configurations and default values
Name Description Default value
ClusterMulticastIpV6Addr Link-Local Scope IPv6 multicast address. By default: All Nodes Address FF02::1
ClusterMulticastIpV6Loop Enable or disable loopback of outgoing multicast datagrams true
ClusterMulticastIpV6Hops Limit the lifetime of the packet. When set to 1, multicast is available only to the local subnet. 1

The default location of QVS Settings.ini file is %ProgramData%\QlikTech\QlikViewServer.

Information noteAll machines running QVS must have the same IPv6 settings.

Clustering QlikView services using IPv6 format

To cluster services in QlikView Management Console (QMC), you can use either a machine name or its IPv6 address. If you decide to use the machine's IPv6 address, the address must be included in square brackets. For example: [fe80::dd3d:36bb:e284:af99]

IPv6 configuration when using certificates

If your QlikView Server deployment uses certificates for authentication, and if you configured your deployment to use IPv6 protocol only, you must enable the UseCertificatesIpvSix setting for QlikView Management Service (QMS) and QlikView Server service.

For the QMS, open the QMS exe.config file, which by default is located in %Program Files%\QlikView\Management Service Add the following setting:

<add key=" UseCertificatesIpvSix " value="true"/>

For the QVS, open the Settings.ini file, which by default is located in %ProgramData%\QlikTech\QlikViewServer. Add the following setting:


Information noteAll machines running QVS must have the same UseCertificatesIpvSix settings.

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