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Remote Management Services

In the Remote Management Services folder, tasks from the management services of remote servers can be imported.

Information note

The involved environments must use the same major QlikView release (for example, QlikView 12 and QlikView 12 or QlikView November 2018 and QlikView November 2018). If the involved environments use different major releases (for example, QlikView November 2017 and QlikView November 2018), the Remote Management Services cannot be used.

Each connection is set up by the user account of the current Management Service; hence, this account has to be a member of the QlikView Management API security group of the remote system.

Information noteIf the QlikView Management API security group does not exist on the remote system, it must be created.

This function can be used to retrieve tasks between QlikView Publisher (QVP) environments, typically between a test system and a production system. To do this, a link, a remote management service, has to be set up in the production system, towards the test system. Using the link, tasks can be pulled from the test system into the production system. Since the test system usually has its own set of folders and servers, and other folders and servers are used in production, the test items have to be mapped to the production items. The link and the map are set up once only. Hence, when importing the tasks, the retrieval and mapping are performed automatically.

Import Task

Information noteThe Remote Management Services cannot be used to import Supporting Tasks.

Supporting Tasks

Information noteWhen importing a task, triggers of the type On Event from Another Task are excluded (that is, not imported). To keep such triggers, all tasks have to be imported as described in Import task.


Import Task



To create a Remote Management Service entry, click on the Add icon, Add, to the right in the pane, and enter the URL in the new text box. The new entry will be available in the tree view in the left pane.

Default value: http://remotehost:4799/QMS.


To entirely remove a configured entry from the list, click on the Delete icon,Delete.


Select Apply to confirm the change.


Select Cancel to revert the change.


To view or configure the settings of a Remote Management Service, in the right pane, click on the entry in the tree view. Each entry contains the following tabs:

Click on each tab label for more information.

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