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QlikView Server License

On the QlikView Licenses tab, you can activate, update, and consult the details of your QlikView Server (QVS) product license. The available options change based on what license you choose to activate: a license that requires serial and control number, or a license that requires a signed key.

Use Signed Key License

If you select Signed License Key, it shows only the fields that are relevant for licensing QlikView Server (QVS) with a signed key. If unselected, it shows only the field specific for licensing QlikView Server (QVS) with a serial number and control number.

Information noteThe license is checked every time a document is opened. If the time limit specified by the License Enabler File (LEF) is reached, the QVS automatically enters offline mode, which means that it is reachable from the QMC but not operational. The OffDuty parameter indicates if the QVS is off duty.


When using a serial and control number

If you use the legacy license (serial number + control number), the signed key options remains visible in the UI. It is possible to switch to a signed key at a later moment.

Serial and Control

Serial Number

Enter the serial number assigned to the QVS software in this text box.


Enter the control number assigned to the QVS software in this text box.

Paste the Contents of LEF File Here (Optional)

This is an alternative to the use of Update License from Server, to add a product license. Should the server not be able to access the QVS License Enabler File (LEF) information through the Internet, this information can be obtained from the product vendor, instead. Contact the product vendor for more information.

Owner Information


Enter the user name of the product owner.


Enter the organization name of the product owner.

Clear License

Select to clear the license information.

Update License from Server

Select to retrieve the LEF over the Internet. This option validates the Serial Number and Control and returns the LEF.

Apply License

Select to apply the license.

Information noteA new LEF file will be downloaded from the LEF server at Qlik.

When using a signed license key

If you use a signed license key, the UI option for the legacy license disappears. This is because once you apply a signed license key to an installation, you cannot change it back to a legacy unless you uninstall your environment.

Signed License Key

Signed Key

Enter the signed license key.

License Definition

Shows the details of your license. It is not modifiable.

Apply License

Select to apply the license.

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