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FindOneOf - script and chart function

FindOneOf() searches a string to find the position of the occurrence of any character from a set of provided characters. The position of the first occurrence of any character from the search set is returned unless a third argument (with a value greater than 1) is supplied. If no match is found, 0 is returned.


FindOneOf(text, char_set[, count])

Return data type: integer


FindOneOf arguments
Argument Description
text The original string.
char_set A set of characters to search for in text.
count Defines which occurrence of any of the character to search for. For example, a value of 2 searches for the second occurrence.

Examples and results:  

Examples and results
Example Result
FindOneOf( 'my example text string', 'et%s') Returns '4'.
FindOneOf( 'my example text string', 'et%s', 3) Returns '12'. Because the search is for any of the characters: e, t, % or s, and "t" is the third occurrence, and is in position 12.
FindOneOf( 'my example text string', '¤%&') Returns '0'.

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