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Functions in scripts and chart expressions

This section describes functions that can be used in QlikView load scripts and chart expressions to transform and aggregate data.

Many functions can be used in the same way in both load scripts and chart expressions, but there are a number of exceptions:

  • Some functions can only be used in load scripts, denoted by - script function.
  • Some functions can only be used in chart expressions, denoted by - chart function.
  • Some functions can be used in both load scripts and chart expressions, but with differences in parameters and application. These are described in separate topics denoted by - script function or - chart function.

Analytic connections

For both QlikView Desktop and QlikView Server, analytic connections are configured by editing the settings.ini file. Functions enabled by analytic connections will only be visible if you have configured the analytic connection in the setting.ini file and QlikView has started. See how to create an analytic connection in the Analytic connections page.

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