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Authentication (Ticket) API

This flow shows how an authenticated user can use the Ticket API to access a QlikView document.

  1. Access the authentication module.
  2. Authenticate the user and, if successful, create a ticket for the user using the Ticket API.

    The request for a ticket is made to the /QvAJAXZfc/GetWebTicket.aspx page hosted on the web server using a POST method. Parameters, which are sent in the body of the call, specify the User ID and optional user groups to request a ticket for. If there are no groups supplied, the web server/IIS will peform a lookup of groups. The body of the request should contain the following XML code:

    <Global method="GetWebTicket"> <UserId>[User Name]</UserId> [Groups] </Global>

    where [User Name] is the name of the user that the ticket is being requested for. [Groups] is added in the following format:

    <GroupList> <string>[Group Name 1]</string> <string>[Group Name 2]</string> </GroupList> <GroupsIsNames>true </GroupsIsNames>

    If groups are supplied as names for use with Document Metadata Service (DMS) authorization, set <GroupIsNames> to true; set <GroupIsNames> to false if they are supplied as Windows Security Identifiers (SIDs) that allow NTFS authorization.

  3. The ticket is returned in the following format:


    where [Ticket] is the actual ticket that is represented by a string of random bytes.

  4. Redirect back to the authenticate.aspx page hosted on the web server:


  5. Access the web server. The ticket is consumed and a connection to the QlikView Server will be established when opening a document.
  6. To end a session, send a POST request to the /Accesspoint.aspx page hosted on the web server. Here is an example of the request body:

    <update mark="" stamp="" cookie="true" scope="Document" ident="AccessPoint" kind="AccessPoint"><set name="AccessPoint.Logout" action="" clientsizeWH="1280:939" /></update>

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