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What is QlikView?

QlikView is our classic guided analytics solution. QlikView lets you rapidly develop and deliver interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards.

You can ask and answer your own questions and follow your own paths to insight. You and your colleagues can reach decisions collaboratively.

At the core of QlikView is our patented Associative Engine, which generates new views of data on the fly. QlikView compresses data and holds it in memory, where it is available for immediate exploration by multiple users. For data sets too large to fit in memory, QlikView connects directly to the data source. QlikView delivers an associative experience across all the data used for analysis, regardless of where it is stored. You can start anywhere and go anywhere; and are not limited to pre-defined drill paths or pre-configured dashboards.

Take the tour for a quick introduction to QlikView: The QlikView tour

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