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On-Demand reports

You can generate On-Demand reports using the QlikView AccessPoint interface or the Qlik Sense reporting control. On-Demand reports are created in Qlik NPrinting.

You can download reports directly from the On-Demand interface.


Deploy and configure On-Demand components.

Installing On-Demand Add-on on a Microsoft IIS hosted QlikView AccessPoint

Install the On-Demand Add-on on your QlikView Web Service to create On-Demand reports from the QlikView AccessPoint interface. This is the best practice for QlikView, because it is a simpler and more secure deployment.

Installing On-Demand on a QlikView Web Server

Install the On-Demand Add-on on a QlikView Web Server hosted QlikView AccessPoint.

Installing Qlik Sense On-Demand reporting control

Install the Dashboard bundle in your Qlik Sense deployment.


Learn how to generate On-Demand reports.

Generating On-Demand reports in QlikView AccessPoint

Create On-Demand reports in the Qlik NPrinting window in the QlikView AccessPoint interface.

Generating On-Demand reports in Qlik Sense

Create reports simply by pressing the On-Demand reporting button on your sheet.


Learn how to change report generation settings.

Administering On-Demand Add-on

Configure On-Demand report settings, such as image quality and report deletion. Control user access to On-Demand reporting.

Managing On-Demand requests

Manage the execution of On-Demand report requests in the Qlik NPrinting web console.

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