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Scan Details

The File and Scan Details sheet presents a summary of the files included in the last scan and results of the scan.

The File Scan Summary table lists by type the total files scanned during the most recent scan process. The summary can be a starting point for drilling down to find how big QVWs and QVDs are, how often they are used, are their anomalies in their size or usage.

The Errors & Warnings in Last Scan lists the errors and warnings from the most recent scan. Generally speaking, errors and warnings listed here are not a cause for concern. They typically involve a failed attempt to read metadata from a QVW or a QVD that was saved in a version of QlikView earlier than 11.20 and signify that some or all metadata from specific QVWs or QVDs could not be loaded. The message area for Errors & Warnings can be selected to open a text file containing high-level information about the reload and the warnings.

The File Scan History shows basic statistics about the last reload of the Governance Dashboard. The File Scan History also contains a drop-down menu to use for hiding or showing the Configuration sheet on an Access Point. The default setting is to hide the configuration page and conceal the Configuration button in the Dashboard menu.

The All Files Monitored table lists all files scanned during the scan period shown in File Scan History.

  • Scan Date is the most recent date the file was scanned during the scan period.
  • File Date is the file's creation date.
  • Path is the path to the file that was scanned.

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