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How to use Governance Dashboard data

By scheduling nightly scans (reloads) of the Governance Dashboard and regularly monitoring it, IT users can answer questions such as:

  • How many QlikView applications exist in a deployment?
  • Which QVWs are being used the most? Which are being used the least?
  • Which QVWs take up a large amount of space but are seldom used?
  • Which QVD files are being used and how often?
  • Have any QVDs grown (or shrunk) in size beyond an expected range?
  • Which labels and expressions are used most often?
  • Which sheet object labels have inconsistent expressions (in other words, multiple expressions for the same label?
  • Which expressions have multiple labels (in other words, the same expression is labeled differently in different, or even the same, QVW?
  • How many and in which QVWs are SQL statements being used?
  • Which QVWs contain very long expressions or have other complex constructs (for example, dynamic dimensions, nested if's) that impact performance?

The following topics explain how to find answers to these questions.

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