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Deploying a Governance Dashboard to a QlikView Server

The Governance Dashboard is a regular QlikView dashboard that can be deployed and reloaded on a regular basis like any other QlikView document. Once a profile's Governance Dashboard QVW file is configured, tested and saved, it can be copied to the SourceDocuments folder and used as the source for a QlikView Publisher task.  

There is no need for the configuration profile directory structure to reside in the SourceDocuments, Governance or any other C:\ProgramData\QlikTech folder.  As long as the 'Profile Directory' field on the Configuration sheet properly references the full path location of the configuration profile directory, that directory can be at any other location on your drive.

It is recommended that production or regularly accessed test or development QlikView Server environments contain a Publisher task that reloads the Governance Dashboard once per day.  Scheduling multiple Governance Dashboard reloads in the same day will not generate additional scan history as the metadata model is such that only the most recent scan data for any specific scan date will be saved.

Before loading a configured Governance Dashboard Profile to a QlikView Server, validate that all of the folder paths entered in the Configuration sheet refer to valid directories on your system.