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Repository connection settings

The repository is used to store data from the Analytics module. Once PostgreSQL is installed, you need to configure the connection settings to the repository.

  1. Switch to Operations View and then click the Settings button in the top right corner.
  2. In the Settings window, click the Repository Connection tab.
  3. Enter the following information:

    Repository connection fields
    Field Value

    Repository host

    The IP address or host name of the PostgreSQL machine.


    The port through which the PostgreSQL machine is accessed.


    The name of the PostgreSQL database where you want the analytics data to be stored.

    User name

    The user name for accessing the PostgreSQL database.


    The password for accessing the PostgreSQL database.

    Maximum number of connections

    The number of concurrent connections to the specified PostgreSQL database. You may need to increase the number of connections based on task activity.

    Additional connection properties

    Enter any additional connection properties for the PostgreSQL database. Properties should be formatted as follows:


    For a description of JDBC connection properties, visit:

  4. To test the settings (recommended), click Test Connection.

  5. If the connection test is successful, click Save. Note, after clicking Save, if you have specified a new database, you will also need to click Initialize Analytics Repository to enable the Analytics module.

    Warning note

    Clicking Initialize Analytics Repository will delete all data from an existing Repository. Therefore, you should only initialize them if you are configuring connectivity to a new database.

  6. Configure the data collection and purging settings for Analytics as described in Analytics - Data collection and purge settings.

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