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Updates an existing endpoint's settings.

Required User Role: See Required Enterprise Manager permissions.


  • The /db_settings/$type setting (or /db_settings/connectioninfo/$type setting for Java-based endpoints) cannot be updated. Java-based endpoints are as follows: Salesforce (Incremental Load), Salesforce (Streaming CDC), MongoDB, and SAP Extractor.
  • If a task which uses the endpoint is currently running, changing the endpoint setting will only take effect after the task is restarted


public void PatchEndpoint(string payload, string server, string endpoint);


Parameter Type Description
payload string

The operation to execute and the field on which to execute the operation (sent as a JSON file). Supported operations are ‘add’,’replace’,’remove’, or ’test’.

For an explanation of how to find the relevant endpoint setting, see PatchEndpoint.

Information note
  • 'move’ and ‘copy’ operations are not supported.
  • The ‘add’ operation replaces an existing field or adds a new one, if it does not exist.
server string

The Replicate server name as defined in Enterprise Manager.



endpoint string

The endpoint display (logical) name.

Example: my_s3_endpoint

Patch Payload Example


{ "op":"replace", "path":"/db_settings/bucketName",

"value":"my_new_bucket" }



All of the general errors as well as the errors listed in the table below.

Error responses
HTTP Code Enterprise Manager Code Text Description



Failed to patch replication endpoint {endpoint} from server {server}. Replicate experienced an error/exception when trying to patch the specified endpoint.



Replication endpoint {endpoint} on server {server} could not be found.

Returned if Qlik Enterprise Manager cannot find the endpoint to patch.

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