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Export definitions from the selected task on the selected server. The definitions always include task settings, tables/table patterns (include/exclude), table settings and global transformations. The endpoint definition is only exported along with the task definition if with endpoints=true is set.

Required User Role: See Required Enterprise Manager permissions.


public string ExportTask(

string server,

string task,

bool withendpoints = false



Parameter Type Description
server string The name of the server on which the task is defined.
task string The task to be exported.



Whether or not to export the endpoint definitions as well.

Return values

Exported task JSON file as a string


Error responses
Error Message Description


AemExportTask is only supported on Replicate 5.5 or above.

AemExportTask is only supported on Replicate 5.5 or above.


Failed to export task {task} from Replicate server {server} as the logged in user does not have permission to access one or both of the task's endpoints.

Export all cannot be carried out because the user does not have permissions on one or more endpoints.

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