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Specifying base directory for dataloads

The base directory is the directory where data will be stored in file system. This value is specified in core_env property: localfile.base.dir.source.connection. This property limits access and browsing to subdirectories of the specified location. Administrators can define subdirectories of the specified default location to load data to in order to better control user access at the source level and manage encrypted and non-encrypted zones. A typical use case for this functionality is when a business unit has a requirement to load all sources associated with customers and policies where keys have been encrypted to protect sensitive and Protected Personal Information (PPI).

Note that this functionality assumes an existing directory with appropriate permissions. Directories and management of encryption keys and zones is handled through command line.Base directory is applicable only to internal sources and is not modifiable once the source is created.

Base directories can be specified during entity creation. The field Base Directory is available in the source connection screen when creating new sources on each registration wizard source type. Note the subdirectories created are limited to directories beneath default directories specified in localfile.base.dir.source.connection which is typically '/usr/local/qdc/data'.

FILE source registration: Base Directory specification

Base directory field is the sixth field in source connection screen in add data wizard

Select the folder icon to browse directories.

Note that if the folder does not exist in a directory, users can create a new folder in the File Browser field.

Discover folders available in parent directories. Choose an existing file folder or enter a new folder name to create one and select ‘Ok’.

File browser provides directory navigation

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