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Designer graph components

The dataflow graph is composed of the following components:

Control: A component with one or more input ports through which data flows into the package and one or more output ports through which data flows out. A transform control at minimum has one input and one output port. Different types of packages facilitate different transformations.

Prepare transform controls: Router, Filter, CDC, Join, Union, Transform, Custom, Aggregation, Sort

Qlik Catalog prepare transform controls

Port: An abstraction around the data provider or receiver; each port has a record format associated with it that defines the data streaming through it. Output ports are square. Input ports are round.

Output ports transmit from the right side of objects, input ports receive info from the left side

Connector: A link used to connect an input port to an output port (one package to another) defines the dataflow. A valid connector requires each end to have the same record format. As a general principle, resolution of mismatching ports is handled in the package on the receiving side of the data (the package on the input port-side of the connection).

Journal feature: The icon scribe(scribe) icon opens a journal panel for log entries regarding dataflow creation, scripts, and packages. Optional journal functionality is provided at multiple levels to capture information about objects, functions, and operators

Journal feature

scribe journal icon is an ellipses and a pencil displaying in the union controller

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