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Data catalog for insight and actions

Catalog is an interactive marketplace dashboard providing immediate insight and actions for Qlik Catalog entities and QVDs across the data ecosystem.

  • KPI framework measuring entities against operational, quality, and popularity metrics.
  • KPI framework measuring QVDs (QlikView Files) against operational, size, and popularity metrics.
  • Search and drill-in to access details about lineage, joinable entities, sample data, creation date, source connection, KPI scoring detail, and field profile statistics.
  • Shop-For-Data functionality search/filter, browse, preview, and explore features interact with targeted entity collections.

Get to know your data

Learn about KPIs, lineage, statistics, and key relationships through drill-in access with search and shop-for-data functionality.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs measure entities on business and health objectives like performance, operational effectiveness, and popularity.

Catalog navigation

Navigate data assets with precision using search and filters.


Drill into interactive data lineage views, tracking upstream sources, processes and transformations applied, and downstream consumers.

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