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RangeXNPV - script and chart function

RangeXNPV() returns the net present value for a schedule of cash flows (not necessarily periodic) represented by paired numbers in the expressions given by pmt and date. All payments are discounted based on a 365-day year.


RangeXNPV(discount_rate, value, date{, value, date})

Return data type: numeric

Argument Description

discount_rate is the yearly rate that the payments should be discounted by.


A cash flow or a series of cash flows that corresponds to a schedule of payments in dates. Each value may be a single value or a range of values as returned by an inter-record function with a third optional parameter. The series of values must contain at least one positive and one negative value.


A payment date or a schedule of payment dates that corresponds to the cash flow payments.

When working with this function, the following limitations apply:

  • Text values, NULL values and missing values are disregarded.

  • All payments are discounted based on a 365-day year.

Example - script

Example - chart expression

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