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Setting a default bookmark to create an app landing page

You can select a sheet to be the landing page of your app by setting a default bookmark. When you open the app, the layout state and the selection state of the default bookmark are used.

If you do not set a default bookmark, the app overview is displayed when the app is opened.

Consider the following when using default bookmarks.

  • You can only set or remove a default bookmark in an unpublished app.
  • You can only set one default bookmark for an app.
  • You can clear the selection of the default bookmark when viewing a sheet. However, the bookmark will be applied when you re-open or reload the sheet.
  • In a published app, the app consumer can clear the selection of the default bookmark and make other selections. However, the selection state of the default bookmark will be re-applied when the app consumer re-opens or reloads a sheet.
  • When you duplicate an app, the default bookmark is duplicated with the app.
  • If you have the same app open in an active session in another tab, the default bookmark will not override the selections made in the other tab.

For more information about bookmarks, see Bookmarking selections.

You can use a default bookmark in conjunction with the Always one selected value for a field to highlight specific selections for your app consumer. For more information about the Always one selected value, see Always one selected value.

Information noteIn previous versions of Qlik Sense, the default bookmark would only apply the selection state of the bookmark.

Set a default bookmark

  1. Click Bookmarks in the toolbar of a sheet. The Bookmarks window opens.
  2. Right-click an existing bookmark, and then click Set as default bookmark.

  3. Click the bookmark. The Bookmarks window closes. The bookmark is shown in the top toolbar, and the selections are shown in the app.
  4. To test that the default bookmark is working properly, close and then reopen the app. The default bookmark sheet and selections should be shown.

To remove a bookmark as the default, open the Bookmarks window in an unpublished app, and then right-click the default bookmark. Click Remove as default bookmark. The next time you open the app, the app overview is shown.

For more information about creating bookmarks, see Creating bookmarks.

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