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What's new in Qlik Sense February 2023

This section provides Qlik Sense business users, analytic creators, and data integrators a summary of the features and improvements available in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.

Information note

Qlik Sense administrators should review the What’s New section in the Qlik Sense for Administrators documentation set.

Qlik Sense developers should review the What’s New section in the Qlik Sense for Developers documentation set.

Augmented analytics

Add natural language insights to sheets

NL Insights is a new Dashboard bundle control that displays natural language insights about selected dimensions and measures. This allows app developers to effectively share insights about data with their app consumers. Insights includes analyses based on the data selected. App developers can remove unwanted analyses if needed.

NL Insights

Visualizations and dashboards

New styling panel for visualizations

App developers can now style the font used for titles, subtitles, and footnotes, giving them more options for customizing their visualizations. A new General tab provides options to change the font type, size, color, and emphasis. The Chart tab controls styling of rows, scrollbars, and custom headers.

You can customize font styling in the following charts:

Scatter plots can display larger datasets

You can now control the number of visible bubbles displayed in scatter plots you create. Scatter plots can be set to display up to 50,000 data points. If there are more than 5,000 visible bubbles, then bubble labels and out of bound bubbles are not shown.

Large data sets in scatter plots

New sheet grid and sheet background options

Sheets can now have custom background images and colors, allowing you to divide your sheet into sections, add images from your media library, and more. You can set a background color using the color picker, or by expression.

App developers now have more control over object placement and sheet grid size to support advanced formatting for presentations.

Structuring an app using sheets

Color by expression

Show gradual changes with chart animations

Chart animations are the gradual transitions in a visualization from the old view to the new view when data has been changed, for example, after a selection has been made. Animations can be turned on or off under app settings, in unpublished apps.

Animations can be controlled in the following chart types:

  • Bar charts

  • Bullet charts

  • Combo charts

  • Line charts

  • Pie charts

  • Scatter plots

  • Funnel charts (Visualization bundle)

  • Grid charts (Visualization bundle)

  • Sankey charts (Visualization bundle)

Changing the chart animations


New ServiceNow ODBC Connector

You can now access data stored in ServiceNow. The new ServiceNow connector allows you to include ServiceNow data, such as incidents, requests, and case records within your analysis. The new connector includes security options such as OAuth or SSL to ensure that only authorized users can access this data.


New Amazon S3 connectors with enhanced security

Qlik Cloud has two new connectors: Amazon S3 Metadata V2 and Amazon S3 V2 Web storage provider. These connectors are more secure because they use the Amazon S3 API to access your Amazon S3 metadata, such as the names of files and subfolders in your Amazon S3 bucket. Previous versions of these connectors used the REST API. For now, the initial release of the Amazon S3 connectors V2 and the existing Amazon S3 connectors have the same capabilities. However, new capabilities will only be added to the V2 connectors going forward.

At some point in the future, the previous Amazon S3 connectors will no longer be supported.

Amazon S3 Metadata V2

Amazon S3 V2

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