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Creating and editing visualizations

You create visualizations from predefined charts, fields, or custom objects. Once added to your sheet, you can edit and refine your visualizations.

Your visualization design is guided by the data in your fields and the unlimited potential for exploring associations and correlations through measures and dimensions.

Get started here: Creating visualizations

Insight Advisor can help you generate visualizations tailored to your searches and selections or even suggest visualizations based on the fields you select and drag onto the sheet.

After creating a visualization, you may want to make adjustments to improve how it conveys information to users. For example, you can change the data used, or adjust the appearance of the visualization. You can add more dimensions or measures for further depth of information or remove some to improve clarity. Learn more about editing your visualizations here: Editing visualizations

Adherence to design principals and clear communication of information is key to creation of apps that engage and invite data discovery. All skill levels will benefit from reviewing best practices for designing visualizations. See Best practices for designing visualizations

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