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This error variable returns the error code of the last executed script statement.




This variable will be reset to 0 after each successfully executed script statement. If an error occurs it will be set to an internal Qlik Sense error code. Error codes are dual values with a numeric and a text component. The following error codes exist:

Script error codes
Error code Description
0 No error. Dual value text is empty.
1 General error.
2 Syntax error.
3 General ODBC error.
4 General OLE DB error.
5 General custom database error.
6 General XML error.
7 General HTML error.
8 File not found.
9 Database not found.
10 Table not found.
11 Field not found.
12 File has wrong format.
16 Semantic error.


set ErrorMode=0;

LOAD * from abc.qvf;

if ScriptError=8 then

exit script;

//no file;

end if

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