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When you are analyzing data, you might find something interesting you want to return to, or share with others. By using bookmarks you can easily keep track of items that might be time-consuming to reach, such as a selection of states on a specific sheet.

You can add bookmarks to save your selections at a particular location (sheet). The bookmarks can later on be opened to restore the selections to a former state. When you use the bookmark, you will apply its selections and on the client you will go to the sheet.

Example: Add a bookmark list


Example: Create a bookmark

	var prop = new BookmarkProperties {
		MetaDef = new MetaAttributesDef
			Title = "CarSelection",
			Description = "A description for the bookmark"
		SheetId = "MySheet1",
		CreationDate = DateTime.Now.Year.ToString("D4") + "-" + DateTime.Now.Month.ToString("D2") + "-" + DateTime.Now.Day.ToString("D2"),
		SelectionFields = "Cars"
	IBookmark myBookmark = App.CreateBookmark("CarBookmarkID", prop));	

Example: Apply a bookmark


Example: Remove a bookmark


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