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Connecting to the Qlik Sense Natural Language Query API

Connections to the Natural Language (NL) Query API endpoints are made using HTTPS by default. To access the API endpoints, the Virtual Proxy in Qlik Sense should be configured with one of the available authentication methods. See Virtual proxies for more information. Additional CORS configuration may be required.

This tutorial shows you how to converse with the API through a series of requests. Postman is used to send the API requests.

Natural Language API endpoint

Connections to the Natural Language (NL) API endpoint is made using HTTPS by default. When communicating with the NL API, the URL has the following form:


where {url} is the host name running Qlik Sense.


  1. Download and install Postman.
  2. Download the Demo App and import it into Qlik Sense using the QMC.
  3. Enable the app for chat. See Making apps available in Insight Advisor Chat for instructions.

API usage examples

Set up Postman

  1. Start Postman.
  2. Set the HTTP method to POST.
  3. Enter the following path in the URL area:


    The full URL should look something like:

  4. Select Headers and add Content-Type as the key with application/json as the value.

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