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Troubleshooting visualization extensions

This section describes problems that can occur when creating extensions for Qlik Sense, as well as suggestion for resolving them.

I cannot export my visualization extension

I tried to export data from my visualization extension but it is not possible.

Possible cause  

Export functionality has not been enabled for the visualization extension.

Information noteQlik Sense did not support exporting or printing of visualization extensions before version 3.0.

Proposed action  

Enable export functionality for your visualization extension.

Enabling export of your visualization extension

I cannot download data

I have enabled the exportData setting for my visualization extension but I still cannot see the download data alternative in the context menu.

Possible cause  

You may not have permission to export the object.

Proposed action  

Change the access rights in the Qlik Management Console (QMC).

My visualization extension exports incorrectly

My visualization extension works in the client but it exports incorrectly.

Possible cause  

You may have used an undocumented Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) or you may have used external resources from the internet (for example JavaScript files or images).

Proposed action  

Do not use internal requireJS modules in the visualization extension.

My visualization extension is not rendering

My visualization extension is not rendering in the client.

Possible cause  

Since Qlik Sense June 2018, the client is only exposing a limited set of AMD modules. The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • jQuery
  • angular
  • qvangular
  • underscore
  • enigma

Proposed action  

Extensions using non-exposed modules will not render and an error message is logged in the console. The code of the extension should be updated and should not use the non-exposed module.

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