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GetTablesAndKeys method


  • The list of tables in an app and the fields inside each table.
  • The list of derived fields.
  • The list of key fields.


Name Description Mandatory Type

Size of the window that is used to display the results.

Yes Size
qNullSize Yes Size

Height of a cell in a table in pixels.

Yes Integer

One of:

  • true for internal table viewer: Shows a more detailed view on how the Qlik engine defines the relations between fields and the quality of the keys.
  • false for source table viewer: Shows the natural relation between fields without reference to synthetic keys and resultant linking synthetic tables. Instead synthetic keys are represented by multiple connectors between tables.
Yes Boolean

If set to true, the system variables are included.

Yes Boolean

If set to true, profiling information is included.

No Boolean


Name Description Type

List of tables.

Array of TableRecord

List of keys.

Array of SourceKeyRecord

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