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DoReload method

Reloads the script that is set in an app.


When this method is called, audit activity logs are produced to track the user activity. In the case of errors, both audit activity logs and system services logs are produced. The log files are named as follows:

Audit activity log System service log
<MachineName>_AuditActivity_Engine.txt in Qlik Sense Enterprise
<MachineName>_AuditActivity_Engine.log in Qlik Sense Desktop
<MachineName>_Service_Engine.txt in Qlik Sense Enterprise
<MachineName>_Service_Engine.log in Qlik Sense Desktop

Where to find the log files

The location of the log files depends on whether you have installed Qlik Sense Enterprise or Qlik Sense Desktop.

Qlik Sense Enterprise Qlik Sense Desktop
%ProgramData%/Qlik/Sense/Log/Engine %UserProfile%/Documents/Qlik/Sense/Log


Name Description Type

Error handling mode One of:

  • 0: for default mode.
  • 1: for ABEND; the reload of the script ends if an error occurs.
  • 2: for ignore; the reload of the script continues even if an error is detected in the script.

Set to true for partial reload. The default value is false.


Set to true if debug breakpoints are to be honored. The execution of the script will be in debug mode. The default value is false.



Name Description Type

<true or false>

Information noteThe operation is successful if **qReturn** is set to true.
If the data load has successfully finished, no matter how the indexing behaves, _true_ is returned. This happens even if there is a timeout, a memory limit is reached, or any other error occurs during the indexing.

Access Control


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