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Information note

Either qDef or qLibraryId must be set, but not both.

Information note

If the measure is set in the hypercube and not in the library, this measure cannot be shared with other objects.

Information note

A measure that is set in the library can be used by many objects.

Information note

expressions are complementary expressions associated to a measure. For example, you can decide to change the background color of a visualization depending on the values of the measure. Attribute expressions do not affect the layout of an object. The sorting order is unchanged.


Name Description Type

Refers to a measure stored in the library.

qDef NxInlineMeasureDef
qSortBy SortCriteria

List of attribute expressions.

Array of NxAttrExprDef

List of attribute dimensions.

Array of NxAttrDimDef
qCalcCond ValueExpr
qCalcCondition NxCalcCond

Specifies trendlines for this measure.

Array of NxTrendlineDef
qMiniChartDef NxMiniChartDef

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