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List object

A list object is a type of Qlik Sense object that consists of exactly one dimension and no measures. List objects provide some additional functionality for some special cases compared with hypercubes. In particular, list objects can return information regarding elements that are excluded by the current set of selections, and therefore enable a more comprehensive selection of dimension values. When you receive the layout of a list object, all values are rendered. If selections are applied, selected values are displayed along with the excluded and optional values.

The following table shows the methods that apply to list objects.

List object methods
Method Description
AbortListObjectSearch Abort the results of a search in a list object.
AcceptListObjectSearch Accept the results of a search in a list object. The search results become selected in the field.
GetListObjectData Get the values of a list object.
ListObject Renders the properties of a list object.
ListObjectDef Define your list object.
SearchListObjectFor Search for a string in a list object.
SelectListObjectAll Selects all values of a field.
SelectListObjectAlternative Selects all the alternative values of a list object.
SelectListObjectExcluded Selects all the excluded values of a list object.
SelectListObjectPossible Selects all possible values of a list object.
SelectListObjectValues Selects some values in a list object.

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