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Get the data format of a file

Get the data format of a file by using the GuessFileType method.

Recognized file formats are:

  • CSV for Delimited
  • FIX for Fixed Record
  • DIF for Data Interchange Format

  • EXCEL_BIFF for Microsoft Excel (XLS)
  • EXCEL_OOXML for Microsoft Excel (XLSX)
  • HTMLfor HTML
  • QVD for QVD file
  • XML for XML
  • QVX for QVX file
  • JSON for JSON format
  • KML for KML file


The goal is to get the data format of a file. The name of the file is books.xml.

The client sends:

{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 12, "method": "GuessFileType", "handle": 1, "params": [ "AB8A2202-B853C624-22FCF5E7-8E28162D-DF4B5E8C", "E:\\TFS\\Ver12.00\\dev\\ft-core\\test\\Platform\\qlikviewTests\\ProtocolTester4Net\\TestData\\Util\\books.xml" ] }

The engine returns:

{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 12, "result": { "qDataFormat": { "qType": "XML", "qDelimiter": { "qNumber": 0 }, "qCodePage": 0, "qHeaderSize": 0, "qRecordSize": 0, "qTabSize": 0 } } }

The data format of the file books.xml is returned. The type of the file is XML.

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