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List objects

A list object is a type of Qlik Sense object that consists of exactly one dimension and no measures.

Defining a list object

To define your list object, you access it through the Properties property ListObjectDef.

Example: List object definition

            var listDef = listbox.Properties.ListObjectDef;

Creating a local or inline dimension

You can create a local or inline dimension.

Example: Create local or inline Dimensions

            var inlineDimension = new ListboxListObjectDimensionDef { FieldDefs = new[] { "myDimension" } };

Setting the single dimension

There are two ways to set the single Dimensions:

  • Using an inline Dimension
  • With an application or library Dimension

Example: Set the single Dimension using your inline Dimension

            listDef.Def = inlineDimension;

Example: Set the single Dimension with an application or library Dimension

            listDef.LibraryId = myLibraryDimension.Info.Id;
Information noteDef will be used if both Def and LibraryId are set.

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