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Creating a sheet

You can create sheets in different ways.

  • Without an identifier.

  • With a readable identifier, passed as an argument.

    Information note If the identifier is already taken, Qlik Sense replaces it with an unique GUID. Also, blank spaces are not allowed in the identifier.

Example: Create a sheet without an identifier

	 IApp application = location.App(newAppIdentifier);
	 ISheet Sheet = application.CreateSheet();

Example: Create a sheet with an identifier

	 IApp application = location.App(newAppIdentifier);
	 ISheet mySheet = application.CreateSheet("mySheet");
Information noteBecause the sheet is a container, you must create the supported generic objects on the sheet directly.

To be able to view the created app in Qlik Sense, the properties on the sheet must be set.

Example: Set properties when creating the sheet

	 ISheet mySheet = application.CreateSheet("Sheet2",
	 new SheetProperties { Rank = 0, MetaDef = new MetaAttributesDef { Title="My sheet2" } });


The properties can also be set after the sheet has been created. This can be done in two ways.

Example: With a using block (preferred)

	using (mySheet.SuspendedLayout) 
		mySheet.Properties.MetaDef.Title = "My Sheet2";
		mySheet.Properties.Rank = 2;

Example: By calling Suspend/Resume layout

	mySheet.Properties.MetaDef.Title = "My Sheet2";
       mySheet.Properties.Rank = 2;

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