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Update the properties of a variable

Update one or several of the properties of a variable by using the ApplyPatches method or the SetProperties method.

The definition of a variable can also be changed using the SetStringValue method, the SetNumValue method or the SetDualValue method but the changes only last the duration of the engine session.

Information noteIn a published app, the properties of a variable cannot be updated . Only the properties of a transient variable can be updated when an app is published.
Information noteTo update a script-defined variable, you need to edit the script using the SetScript method or you need to delete the variable from the script and then edit it using one of the methods listed above.


The app used in these examples is Golf quest. This app gives information about the golf courses in some countries.

Example 1:  

Example 2:  

Example 3:  

Example 4:  

Example 5:  

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