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Security rule audit: Get audit rules

Information noteLOCKED.

This API is extremely reliable and will not be broken unless absolutely necessary.






Perform an audit of the access control system. The results of the audit include:

  • Information on all security rules
  • Descriptions of the access provided by each security rule
  • If there are any errors when evaluating the rules based on resource type, a selection of users, and a selection of resources



{ "resourceType": "type [string]", "resourceFilter": "resource filter [string]", "userFilter": "user filter [string]", "environmentAttributes": "type1=value1;type2=value2 [string]" "userSkip": "count [integer]", "userTake": "count [integer]", "resourceSkip": "count [integer]", "resourceTake": "count [integer]" "includeNonGrantingRules": "type [bool]", }

The environmentAttributes type is one (or several, separated by “;”) of the following:

  • OS
  • Device
  • Browser
  • RequestType
  • IP

Return value

Information noteThe audit results for all objects are returned, not just for the objects that the auditor has access to. For each object, the name and GUID are returned.


{ "users": { "[GUID]": { // A user object "userId": "…", "userDirectory": "…", "name": "…", … }, "[GUID]": { … } }, "resources": { "[GUID]": { // An object of arbitrary type "…", }, "[GUID]": { … } }, "rules": { "[GUID]": { // Security rule object "type": "…", "name": "…", "rule": "…", "resourceFilter": "…", … }, "[GUID]": { … } }, "ruleApplication": [ { "userID": "[GUID]", "resourceID": "[GUID]", "ruleID": "[GUID]", "allowed": boolean, "errorAt": integer, "errorMessage": "…", "evaluationState": "evaluated/parsefailure/evaluationfailure" }, { … } ] }

Optional parameters


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