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Upgrading from version 1.1 to 2.1

You can upgrade to version 2.1 from either version 1.1 or version 2.0. Version 2.1 includes changes to support Qlik Sense.

See Qlik Sense adaptation.

In version 2.0, the library was changed, which, in turn, changed the methods to implement/override. The version 1.1 examples, EventLogSimple and EventLogElaborate, were updated accordingly, and the new one, QvFacebookConnector, has been written for version 2.0 from scratch.

To describe the changes that were implemented, the classes within the QvFacebookConnector are used as example. The changes affect QvFacebookServer.cs and QvFacebookConnection (or rather any class deriving QvxServer or QvxConnection).

Changes in QvFacebookServer.cs

internal class QvEventLogServer : QvxServer

A class derived from QvxServer no longer needs to implement the interface IQvxEditConnect.

public override QvxConnection CreateConnection()

This method is the same as before.

public override string CreateConnectionString()

Replaces the Ask() method from previous versions. Just move all your code from Ask() to this method instead.

For QvEventLogConnectorElaborate, some changes were made to the Login/Connect dialog. It is now written as a WPF dialog instead of using Forms. The reason for this is to enable use of a WindowInteropHelper to make the dialog nicely modal towards its parent, the Script Editor. Therefore a method called CreateLoginWindowHelper was added with some extra code for that. The CreateConnectionString method for the elaborate example has also been somewhat rewritten. You will also notice that Login.cs has been replaced with Login.xaml and Login.xaml.cs.

Information noteBoth Forms and WPF dialogs work. However, the modality works better with WPF.

public override string CustomCaption

Override the get accessor for this property and let it return the name of your custom button. You only need to override it, if you want to use a custom button.

public override string CreateSelectStatement()

This method is called when clicking the custom select button in the Script Editor. Regardless of how you compose your script, this is the method where that process should be started.

This method should also return the actual script that QlikView is to execute.

For QvFacebookConnector, the Select dialog has been implemented in the same way as the new Login/Connect dialog (see the CreateConnectionString section above). It is written as a WPF dialog to make the dialog nicely modal towards its parent, the Script Editor.

Changes in QvFacebookConnection.cs

public static void SetLogLevels(bool logDebug, bool logWarnings)

Call this if you want to activate logging of debugging or warning messages. Set logDebug to true if you want debug messages to be included in the log. The default value of logDebug and logWarning is false (that is, no debug or warning messages are included in the log by default).

This method replaces the rows ‘QvxLog._mDebugLogging = false;’ and ‘QvxLog._mWarningLogging = false;’.

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