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Patching Qlik Sense

You can update your Qlik Sense deployment when a patch of the software is available for installation. A patch primarily includes software updates and fixes that are applied to the existing Qlik Sense version.

Information notePatches are installed without the need to remove earlier updates or the major release. Qlik Sense patches are cumulative. By installing the latest patch, updates and fixes introduced in previous patches are also installed.

When you uninstall a patch, the individual updates from the installed version of Qlik Sense are removed.

In a multi-node site, all nodes must run the same version of Qlik Sense. We recommend installing patches with all nodes offline, and starting with the central node.

Before you install a patch Qlik Sense, do the following:

  • Review System requirements for Qlik Sense Enterprise.
  • Download the Qlik_Sense_update.exe file.
  • Make sure you have logged on with Administrator rights using an account that has an actual password defined, that is, not a blank password.
  • Create a backup of your Qlik Sense deployment. If Qlik Sense is installed on a Virtual Machine (VM) it may be sufficient to take a snapshot of the machine before upgrading. For more information, see Backing up a Qlik Sense site.
Warning noteWhen updating a rim node, ensure that you use the same log-in account as was used for the initial installation of that node. Failure to do so means that the central node will not find the certificates installed on the node and you will need to perform a clean installation of the node.
  1. Stop the Qlik Sense services on all nodes.
  2. Run the setup to install a patch on the central node.

    When the installation is complete, the Summary is displayed.

  3. Click Finish to close the Summary.
    Information noteIf the patch did not install successfully, the Failed screen is displayed. For more detailed information, see the installation log located in your temp folder accessed with environment variable %temp%.
  4. You have successfully applied a patch to your Qlik Sense deployment.

  5. Start the Qlik Sense services.
  6. Repeat this procedure for each of the remaining nodes.
Information noteYou cannot repair an installation using the repair option on the setup program once patches have been applied. The repair option is only available for the original software version, so any patches installed must be uninstalled before you can use the repair option.
Information noteFollow the same procedure to uninstall patches.

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