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On-demand apps

On-demand apps are generated in the Qlik Sense hub from navigation links that connect selection apps to template apps. Selection and template apps can also be published to streams from the QMC or from the Qlik Sense hub. Generated on-demand apps can also be published from the QMC or the Qlik Sense hub.

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On-demand app service properties

Selection and template apps can be created without the On-demand app service being enabled, but the service must be enabled to create navigation links and generate on-demand apps. The following properties of the On-demand app service can be managed:

Property descriptions
Property Description
Enable on-demand app service

Enables and disables the On-demand app service. The service is disabled by default.

When the service is switched from enabled to disabled, any pending requests to generate on-demand apps are allowed to finish. But once the service has been disabled, no new requests to generate apps will be accepted.

Enable dynamic views

With dynamic views you can refresh charts from within your analytic tool environment. The on-demand app service must be turned on to enable dynamic views.

Turn on dynamic views to allow app sheets to contain charts that are loaded from data sources on-demand.

If you have apps whose sheets contain charts based on dynamic views and the Dynamic views setting is disabled for the tenant, the apps will continue to function with the following limitations:

  • All dynamic charts appear dimmed (and without data) to indicate that the dynamic view functionality has been disabled.
  • The sheet editor does not expose the dynamic view assets.

All charts and features not related to dynamic views will continue to function normally.

Logging level Specifies the level of detail written to the service log file.
Number of apps that can be generated at one time

Specifies the number of apps the service can generate at one time. The default is 1 and the maximum is 10.

This setting affects the response time for an app generation, but the amount of data loaded must also be considered when setting the number of apps that can be generated at one time. When the data load sizes are moderate, a higher number of apps generated at one time will improve response time for each app. But when load sizes are large, the response can be slower than if the setting were lower and apps had to wait in queue to be generated.

In a multi-node environment, the setting for the number of apps that can be generated at one time applies to all instances of the On-demand app services running in that environment. If multiple services use the same Qlik associative engine, the load on that Qlik associative engine could be the cumulative number of apps to generate at one time from the multiple instances of the service.

Number of days before purging historical data

Specifies the number of days certain historical data about on-demand apps is kept before the data is removed. Values can be 0-365. A setting of 0 means the data is never deleted. The default value is 90 days.

The On-demand app service keeps data about navigation links and about requests to generate and reload on-demand apps.

When an on-demand app navigation link is deleted, it is retained in a decommissioned state. When the number of days specified before purging is reached, data about the navigation link is removed.

The On-demand app service also retains information about requests to generate and reload on-demand apps. When on-demand apps are deleted, the information about their reload requests is retained for the number of days specified before purging.

Allow anonymous user to generate apps

Allows anonymous users to generate on-demand apps from navigation points on published selection apps. This setting applies only on Qlik Sense systems that have set anonymous authentication.

Anonymous authentication

An anonymous user can generate apps only from navigation links that are published automatically. If the generated app is not published automatically, the anonymous user would not have access to it.

The proxy user that will be used for generating apps on behalf of the anonymous users

Select a user to serve as a proxy user for anonymous users. Choose any registered user who can create on-demand app requests. The proxy user must also have read permission on the on-demand selection apps that are accessible to anonymous users. Do not select an administrative user (INTERNAL\sa-xxx) as the proxy or any user who has root admin privileges.

Warning noteWhen creating streams that will contain on-demand selection apps that can be used by anonymous users, you must set the security rule to permit read access to the on-demand app proxy user. Failure to include read access to the proxy user will cause all of the links in the app navigation bar to show as "Invalid".

Although a single user serves as the proxy for all anonymous users, each anonymous user is identified and distinguished by the On-Demand App Service. This allows each anonymous user access to the his generated apps but prevents other anonymous users from accessing those apps. Each anonymous user can access only apps she has generated.

Number of minutes to keep apps generated by anonymous users

Specifies the amount of time an app generated by an anonymous is kept before it is deleted. The default setting is 60 minutes.

The time is measured from the last data load.

There is also a retention time setting on navigation links. For an app generated by an anonymous user, the shorter of the two retention time settings is used.

For example, when a navigation link with a retention time setting of 24 hours is used by an anonymous user and the setting for the Number of minutes to keep apps generated by anonymous users is set to 60 minutes, the app would be deleted 60 minutes after its last data load. If however the navigation link setting for retention time is 30 minutes, then the app generated by the anonymous user would be deleted 30 minutes after the last data load.

Warning noteIf Number of minutes to keep apps generated by anonymous users is set to zero (0), then the apps are kept for the longest time possible, which is 365 days.

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