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Connecting to Qlik Sense using AirWatch

To connect to Qlik Sense from a mobile device using AirWatch per-app VPN, you must:

  • Download the AirWatch Agent app
  • Register the device
  • Install a supported app or browser

To connect to Qlik Sense using AirWatch on iOS:

  1. Download the AirWatch Agent app.
  2. Open AirWatch Agent and enroll using one of the available options:
    • Email address
    • Server details
    • QR code
  3. On the Authenticate screen, enter your user name and password and select Next.
  4. On the Secure screen, select Redirect & Enable to enable management of your device by installing the Device Manager configuration profile. You are redirected and asked for permission to open Settings. Select Allow.
  5. In Settings, select Install to install the Device Manager configuration profile, and then select Trust to confirm that you allow your device to be enrolled into remote management.
  6. Once the installation of the Device Manager configuration profile is complete, select Done. You will be redirected to AirWatch Agent where a Configure screen confirms that the authentication procedure is complete. Select Done.
  7. Information noteIf a pop-up appears asking to install VMware Tunnel, select Install to allow the installation of the VMware Tunnel app. If the pop-up does not appear, you can install VMware Tunnel from AirWatch Catalog. See step 9.
  8. In AirWatch Agent you can now manage your enrolled devices in the My Device portal.

    Information note You may be asked to create a device passcode to access AirWatch Agent. The passcode will be required every time you access the app. If you already have a passcode configured on your device you can enter it here to maintain the same passcode. If you enter a new passcode here it will overwrite your existing device passcode.
  9. Close AirWatch Agent.
  10. If you haven't installed VMware Tunnel already, open AirWatch Catalog, which has now been added to your device, and install it.
  11. Open VMware Tunnel app and select Continue to enable it.
  12. Open AirWatch Catalog and install the Qlik Sense Mobile Client Managed app or one of the supported browsers.
    For a list of mobile browsers that support the connection to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows through AirWatch per-app VPN, see System requirements for Qlik Sense.
  13. Tip noteThe Qlik Sense Mobile Client Managed app allows you to download Qlik Sense apps for offline use.
    Information noteYour AirWatch Agent administrator may have already populated the hub list with your Qlik Sense server connection.
  14. To connect to Qlik Sense for the first time using the Qlik Sense Mobile Client Managed app, see Connecting to Qlik Sense from the Qlik Sense Mobile Client Managed app.

To connect to Qlik Sense using AirWatch on Android, follow the instruction for your specific device found here: AirWatch Agent for Android.

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