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Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment examples

This section provides examples of different ways to deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise. The examples are not guidelines or best practices for how to install your deployment, rather they are to provide a high-level view of how different organizational needs are achieved by different deployment scenarios.

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows deployments

A Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows deployment can be a single-node (server) site or a multi-node site. All Qlik Sense sites must have a repository database, a single Qlik license key, and a common set of configuration data and apps.

Single-node sites

A single-node site is the smallest site possible and consists of a single node (single server). In a single-node site, site administration, app development, and app consumption happens on the same node. All Qlik Sense services, the repository database, and the file share are hosted on the same node.

Multi-node sites

Multi-node sites offer more scalability options for large organizations. In a multi-node deployment, the Qlik Sense site is distributed across several nodes. Nodes are connected to a common repository database, they share a common set of data, and they share the same license key. In larger sites, you can add nodes to improve scalability, capacity, and resilience. In a multi-node site, there is at least one central node and one or more rim nodes that are connected to the central node.

Benefits of multi-node sites include:

  • Better scalability, making it easier to increase capacity.
  • Improved resilience and reliability.
  • Ability to move apps or roles to specific nodes.
  • Flexibility to suit customer network deployments.

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows deployments

Deploying Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows on a cloud platform

You can deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows on a cloud infrastructure platform, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, to take advantage of cloud-native scalability, low maintenance storage options, and high reliability.

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS deployments

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS is a full SaaS deployment option for Qlik Sense Enterprise. The cloud infrastructure is hosted and managed by Qlik. Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS may be deployed independently or as part of a multi-cloud deployment. See, Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows multi-cloud deployments.

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows multi-cloud deployments

Qlik Sense multi-cloud deployments refer to a deployment where one or more cloud instances are connected to a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows site. Qlik Sense multi-cloud deployments are multi-node sites.

Benefits of multi-cloud sites include:

  • Central node is managed on-premises.
  • Users consume and develop apps from the cloud.
  • Authentication for both on-premises and cloud is handled by a single identity provider.

Deploying Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows in a multi-cloud environment

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