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Managing tasks and triggers


Tasks are used to perform a wide variety of operations and can be chained together in just any pattern. The tasks are handled by the Qlik Sense Scheduler Service (QSS). There are four types of tasks:

  • Reload
  • User synchronization
  • External program
  • Distribution

The reload task fully reloads the data in an app from the source. Any old data is discarded. You can create new reload tasks.

A user synchronization task imports the users and the users' information from a user directory. When you create a new instance of a user directory connector (UDC) a synchronization task with a scheduled trigger is created by the system.

The external program task triggers a third-party program. The external program task cannot be edited, nor used for task chaining.


Execution of a task is initiated by a trigger or manually from the tasks overview page. You can create additional triggers to execute the task, and there are two types of triggers: 

  • Scheduled
  • Task event

Scheduled triggers can be applied to both reload tasks and user synchronization tasks. Task event triggers can only be applied to reload tasks.

The triggers for a reload task are available directly on the Task edit page.

The triggers for a user synchronization task are accessed from the Associated items tab on the Task edit page, where the Triggers overview lists all the available triggers for the selected task.