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Creating a circular task chain

You can create a reload task that triggers itself (a circular task chain). This example describes how to create a simple circular task chain. You can chain your tasks in just any pattern.

Do the following:

  1. If the app you want to create a circular task chain for has no task applied, start by creating a new reload task for the app:

    1. Select Create new Create new from Tasks overview.
      Tip noteAlternatively, select Create new Create new from Apps overview > Edit > Associated items > Tasks.
    1. Create the task.
    2. Click Apply.

      Successfully added is displayed.

  2. Continue editing the task to create the circular task chain: 

    1. Select Triggers > Actions > Create new task event trigger.
    2. Type a Trigger name.
    3. Click Create new Add task event.

      The Trigger dialog opens.

    4. Click the empty field to the right of Task successful and double-click the same task that you are currently editing in the dialog that opens.

      The task is added to the Trigger dialog.

    5. Use the drop-down list to select whether the trigger condition is fulfilled upon Task successful or Task failed.
    6. Click OK.

      The dialog closes.

    7. Click Apply.

    Successfully updated is displayed.

You now have created a circular task chain and the task is added to the task overview. From the overview you can click Linked object to view the task chain.

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